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Finally, I’m done

The other day I mentioned that I am watching “Oz“. Well, I sure did. I have watched the last episode today.

I am very surprised as to how addicting it was. I have seen a total of 56 episodes (each one is about 1 hour long) from all 6 seasons that I got my hands on. And it took me less than two weeks to go through all of them.

As usual with series, the quality suffers towards the end. The first 4 seasons or so were the best of all. But the degradation wasn’t as bad as it may sound. It’s just the intencity was gone. Actually, it was gone from most episodes, but not all. Some had it at maximum level. Like that one with Cyril’s execution, which I had to pause about five times so that I wouldn’t burst into tears. So dramatic…

Overall, not only it was entertaining to watch, but very educational and thought provoking. I’ve learned a lot about prison life and confirmed my suspecion that I don’t ever ever want to go into one of these places. I am alo thinking a lot of about many subjects brought up in the episodes – crime and punishment, law and ethics, family, friendship, survival of the fittest, love, and stuff like that.

I’m also planning to get the complete series on DVD. I will watch some of the episodes again. And I also have a few people interested in watching the whole thing.

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