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The house elf loves me

… or I can’t explain it anyhow else.

The house elf is an invisible semi-imagined creature that lives in our house and does all sorts of strange things. Many of these things are small and don’t matter too much for me to spend time talking about them. But there is one particular action that the house elf repeats from year to year and by which it tells me that it loves me.

I am talking about pocket filling.

When the season changes from cold to warm, I put all my warm clothes far away in the closet. Before doing so, I usually check the pockets for anything I might have forgotten. Just in case you know.

And every year, when the season changes from warm to cold and I bring back my warm clothes from the closet, I find interesting stuff in my pockets. Usually, it’s money. Small amounts, like a pound or five. Or maybe some change. Once I found a lighter I have been looking for for a long time.

Every time I found something in the pockets, I had this dual feeling. I wasn’t sure if I forgotten to check the pockets or if the house elf put it there.

But this year, the house elf wanted to solve my doubts. It put some a chocolate bar in the pocket of my jacket. And I would never ever forget a chocolate bar in the jacket. And just to make the statement solid, it put a really strange chocolate bar in my pocket. It was of some French brand and it was one of those that I haven’t even seen. Wow!

So, here I am with all the seriousness I can put in this statement: Thank you, Dear House Elf! I hope we’re good neighbors to you. Please, keep watching over us.

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