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Pediatrician check

It’s been slightly more than two month since Maxim’s last pediatrician check. Since that last time he started to eat all sorts of solid food, including meat, grew his first tooth, started to get up and walk with support, and plenty more.

In short it was a time for a visit.

First, the measurements. During the last two month Maxim gained only 200 grams and now measures 8.820 kilograms. That is OK considering how much he moves now – both crawls and walks. His height increased by 2.5 centimeters and now measures 71 centimeter. His head measure is 45 centimeters. No huge changes in this department.

Overall, his physical development is normal, although he is slightly bigger than his peers of the same age.

On the cognitive development side, dr.Simos was kind enough to confirm our suspcion that Maxim is growing up to be a genious. He is doing much more than his peers of the same age.

We didn’t have that many questions regarding his further development. Neither did dr.Simos had too many instructions. Mostly we discussed Maxim’s diet that will include new kinds of food in the coming month. We will be giving him more different fruits, including all the exotic variety, yogurts, biscuits, cookies, etc.

We also talked about Maxim’s two problems that haven’t been taken due care off yet.

His facial nerve issue does not show any progress. We will make another attempt to schedule the MRI scan of his brain. If the clinic that we are talking to won’t respond in the next two or three days, we’ll proceed with another institution. Probably in Nicosia.

There is also another test that needs to be scheduled for Maxim’s kidney issue. The test will be carried out in Nicosia. The procedure is rather simple, but the main problem is that there are only a few doctors in Cyprus who accept small kids as their patients. Noone wants the responsibility.

Anyway, that’s about sums it up. I will post more when the tests will be scheduled.

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