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Not so good news

Dr.Simos called Olga and told her that he finally managed to talk to Dr.Avraam from Nicosia. It turns out that Maxim’s kidney tests are not as good as we hoped that they would be. The functionality of the kidneys is outside of the safe range. One kidney performs at 58%, while the other one is only at 42%. It’s this latter kidney which is worrying. It should be at least at 45%.

The danger of this situation is in the possibility of urine getting back into the kidney. If this happens Maxim will be in a lot of trouble, not to mention pain. So, obviously, some action needs to be taken.

Another test will be scheduled in the near future to study the situation more and to see how dangerous it really is. Unfortunately, Olga didn’t catch the name of the test while on the phone with Dr.Simos, so I can’t give you any details yet. Neither can I search the web for more information. But rest assured that we’ll be talking Dr.Simos shortly.

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