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No more WWW

I am trying to stop using the “www.” part when typing in URLs. The web has gone a long way and most of the websites don’t need to start with WWW. Just the domain is fine.

But I have been typing “www.” into the address bar for so long that I don’t do it on purpose anymore. My fingers just remember it and use it every time I switch to address bar. I type it even faster than I can realize that I’m typing it. I got better at realizing in the last few days though. Now I catch myself when I’m done only with a couple of first “w”.

It becomes really annoying. Imagine your hands doing something you’ve forbidden them to do. Won’t that freak you out?

When I will finally get rid of the “www.” in my address bar, I’ll start to get rid of “http://”. I know that protocol is much more useful than those stupid domain parts, but when browsing the web, HTTP is the default protocol and even if you don’t specify it, the browser knows ho to handle that.

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