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It couldn’t last forever

Something just have to be there. Like good ventilation in computer case. Otherwise it is very easy to run into problems.

I have mentioned previously that my computer case was missing a fan or two and that caused it to overheat several times a day. Well, today it did it for the last time. I suspect that the IDE controller on the motherboard got burned.

So, instead of buying a couple of fans I had to buy a new motherboard now. But buying just the motherboard is way too boring. I had to get at least the CPU as well. But I didn’t do even that. Instead I bought the whole new computer. Actually, it’s not brand new. It is second hand. But it is a brand one – IBM. It is very similar to the one I have in the office.

So, now you can enjoy this site running on a 3GHz Pentium 4 CPU with 1 GByte of RAM. I’ve moved in all the hard drives from the old computer, but I think I will be upgrading my disk space soon too. Fitting five IDE devices into a medium tower case was rather tricky. And they make too much noise too. I didn’t hear much of it with the old machine because it was very noise itself. The new one is totally silent. The loudest sound it makes is me banging on the keyboard. It is impossible to say if the computer is on or off by only listening to noise it makes.

Anyway, I think I got a good deal for 240 CYP.

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