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Supporting angels

I had a very strange dream today, which I liked none-the-less. I was dreaming that Olga was ill and that she was in the Intense Care Unit, much like she was there a couple of years ago. I was sitting next to her together with Maxim. We played some games with him, like rock-scissors-paper. He was about five or six years old, but I knew that it was him.

Maxim was obviously bored and tired and wanted to go home. At one point he asked me why we were spending the time in the hospital, sitting by the bed of his mother, when she was unconcious anyway and couldn’t see or hear us. And there were all these doctors to take care of her anyway.

What was so nice abot this dream you wonder? Well, the best part of it was the answer that I gave to Maxim. I told him that his mother needs the support of angels who don’t have any place to land if we leave, because the only place they can sit is our shoulders. And it is because of the heavy angels sitting on our shoulders that we feel uncomfortable and tired. The explanation was so good that Maxim calmed down, seated his butt on the chair, put his head on his heads and made this deep sigh. He was ready to stay as long as it was needed.

Needless to say I was pretty impressed with this dream…

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