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Trying out Burger King

Olga and I were trying to reach Pizza Hut’s delivery line yesterday, but it was constantly busy so we had to make another choice for dinner. We went through a pile of menus, flyers, and coupons in our “order some food” box and stumbled upon a few coupons from Burger King. Burger King has been represented in Cyprus for some time now, but neither Olga nor I tried it for some reason. So we decided to order it.

Both of us were very hungry and we didn’t know anything about the burger sizes in Burger King, so we thought it’d be better if order more rather than less. We asked for 2 Cheese Whoopers (that’s a cheese burger) and 2 Beef Whoopers (that’s a beef burger). Since we were using some discount coupons, 4 portions of french fries came with all of that. Additionally, we ordered two muffins and 2 cans of Sprite. That’s about it, I think.

When I called in, I was surprised to learn that Burger King knew all about me – the phone number, the address, and the name. Since I never called them before, I guess they purchased my information from somewhere. On one hand, I am angry with those who sold this information without asking me first. On the other hand, I’m glad that I didn’t have to spell it out once again.

The delivery guy found our place without any help from us, which is rather rare I must say. He arrived exactly 30 minutes after my call. Since we live in the center of the city, I consider it to be a bit too much. We usually get our orders faster from all the other food points. I paid almost 12 CYP and two discount coupons for all the food that we got. By the way, the delivery guy had real troubles calculating the change. That’s a new one. I almost decided to get one extra pound from him, but managed to control myself.

Now, the order that we got looked huge. It was a huge plastic bag with all the burgers and one small paper bag with two Sprites in it. When I opened the plastic bag I couldn’t believe my eyes – there were three huge paper bags inside, which looked rather full. I thought that we would never all of it.

I was wrong. It turns out that Burger King guys just like packing things. One plastic bag had two small portions of french fries and two cheese burgers. Another bag had two portions of french fries and two beef burgers. The third bag had two small chocolate muffins. Overall it was way too much packing for all the food. Instead of wrapping it all in numerous layers they should have spent more time selecting a proper paper. Out of four burgers, paper on three of them was teared. Juice and sauces was leaking through the holes, ruining the fries on the way.

Burger sizes were OK. They were bigger than what McDonald’s offers. The taste was slightly better. The beef burger was rather simplistic, but the cheese burger was much better. The buns looked rather compressed (maybe because of the packing thingy) and the meat tasted exactly like the one in McDonald’s food. The sauce, the cheese, and the vegetables were slightly better though. French fries sucked – small, soft, and boring.

Resume: we were glad we tried it, but I don’t think we’d be offering it anytime soon again. It’s all same old junk food. Now that more than 12 hours passed since we had that food, I can add that Burger King is easier to digest than McDonald’s. That’s all folks.

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