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First time in Starbucks

I must be in my “try that food spot” mode or something…

Today I woke up rather late for a walk with Maxim, so I was dressing in a hurry and didn’t manage to have breakfast. Since our way to park passes through Starbucks, I thought it would be a good idea to finally try some coffee and eat some sandwich. Starbucks opened a long time ago and I planned to visit it together with Olga, but she got pregnant and than started feeding Maxim, and coffee is bad for babies.

I went in, selected a bacon-egg-cheese-something sandwich and I asked the girl behind the counter about the coffee. I said that I have no slightest idea what they are making here except for Espresso and Cappuccino and that I didn’t want either of them. She looked puzzled. I thought that I didn’t give her enough information and added: “I want black, sweet coffee in a mug.”. She smiled in a way that made me understand that she still doesn’t know what to suggest to me. Than she had a revelation: “Would like to try our coffee of the week?”. I agreed. Coffee of the week was New Guinea Something. It came in a big mug exactly the way I wanted. Maybe with slightly less sugar than I like, but OK anyway.

I liked both the coffee and the sandwich.

I was wondering about the opening hours. I saw Starbucks open pretty early in the morning. And I also noticed that they worked until late at night. I asked the waitress if they were open 24×7, but she said no. They open 7:00am, except for Sunday, when they open at 8:00am. Non-the-less I was enjoying my coffee and sandwich at 7:03am today, which is Sunday. It was very generous of them to let me in, serve me, and not even mention anything until I asked myself.

I liked the place. The bill was a bit too much I think. One coffee and one regular sandwich came out at 4.60 CYP. A small cup of Cyprus coffee, for comparison, costs somewhere from 0.40 CYP to 0.80 CYP. And a ham-and-cheese sandwich is usually in range of 1.20 and 2.00 CYP, so Starbuck is surely an expensive place. But a good one too.

I’ll be passing once in a while, but not as often as I’d like to.

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