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On t-shirts

I’m sure that everyone has seen a billion of silly, funny, ugly, cool, and stily t-shirts. They are all over the place and one doesn’t have to work hard to find some cool picture or a wise saying inprinted on a t-shirt. Very often the combination of the t-shirt’s design with the appearence of the person who wears it makes for additional fun.

During the last couple of days I’ve seen some excellent combinations. Here are the best three described.

Ugly. This must have been the ugliest Greek flag that I’ve ever seen. Possibly even that I will ever see. Greek flags printed on top of white t-shirts are rather popular here in Cyprus. Boys, girls, men, and women of all ages wear them at all times. Particularly, if there is any event happening that is connected with Greece. Like a football game or something. And while there wasn’t anything major Greek happening these days, there was these old lady wearing a Greek flag t-shirt.

“Old lady” is too nice of a way to put it actually. She was an old, really old woman. Somewhere in the end of her 70’ies. She was also very small – about half of my hieght or maybe a little higher. She was wearing a white t-shirt with Greek flag on it and some shorts. She wasn’t wearing any bra or other boob-controlling device. And her booby size was like 6 or so. While being old she was rather active too. She was walking very fast with often jumpy steps mixed into her pace. That made her boobies dance crazily and disgustingly under the t-shirt. I was afraid that they might even come out at some point and that I will see them. That would be a shock, you know.

To complete the picture, she was looking very happy and relaxed. She was smiling widely with a mouth that was lacking about 6 teeth. In front. 3 from the upper jaw and 3 from the bottom jaw.

I had difficulties sleeping since the moment I saw her…

Cute. There was this kid in the park. He was around 4 years old or so. He was like Energizer Bunny – nothing could stop him. I was watching him for about an hour as he was running around, bother both kids and adults, scaring pigeons and cats, ripping leaves off the bushes, throwing small stones at the trees, parodying birds, and doing all sorts of other things. He moved all the time. And he was fast. And he was bothering everything and everyone he could find.

And than he stopped. For a split second. And looked at me. This was the first time I could actually see him all at once. And it was the first time I could read the word that was printed on his t-shirt. In large bold font and underlined it was saying: “TROUBLE“.

The split second was over and the kid resumed his activities and continued all the way for the next thirty minutes until I left.

Funny. That was with another kid. (You know there are lots of them in the park that I visit daily.) There was this boy who was about 10 or 11 years old. He was walking by fast with his mother. He was very tall and skinny. He was wearing thick glasses. And I mean really thick. And he still couldn’t see much as he was narrowing his eyes all the time. And he was lame. He was a type of kid that all kids would make fun of. Even those three years younger.

So, this kid was walking by me, pulled forcefully by his mother, and I noticed a couple of boxing gloves printed on his t-shirt and his shorts. There was also the word “Kickboxing” written all over the place.

Yeah, right…

I don’t remember now if I was laughing out loud or not, but I was surely smiling as wide as I can…

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