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Four month and counting

Maxim is four month today. Yes, that’s right – four! Once again I am amazed with time. On one hand it flies like a bullet, but on the other hand I realize how long ago some things were. Take for example Maxim’s day of birth. I though I would never forget is so strong it came to me. I though I’d remember every detail for the rest of my life. And now I am reading my blog posts of the time and trying to remember how exactly it went. It seems like an eternity passed, but it was only four month…

We took Maxim for his pediatrician check today. He was measured, checked and vaccinated. Everything seems to be normal. He gained about 400 grams during the last month and now weights 7,380 grams. He size increased 3 centimeters from 63 to 66. And his head got another 2 centimeters to measure 43 in total.

He will stay on breathfeeding for now. During our next visit, Dr.Simos will tell us how we should start introducing hard food into his life. You know, juices and stuff like that.

But we’ve got also some activity planned for him for this month. Firstly, we have to move him out of our bedroom. It’s about time. His room standed empty for way too long. There is only one last dilemma to solve. The room that we’ve prepared for him doesn’t have enough light. It is on the dark side of the building and has only one window. Our bedroom, on the other side, is on the other side. It has all the light a room can get. There is a shiny window to the sunny side plus the glass door to the balcony which adds even more light. I am in favor of switching rooms. In other words, I want to move our bedroom to the dark room and give Maxim the room that we occupy now. Olga agrees that it would be perfect, but something stops her from proceeding. She calls it “intuition”. If she’d call it something else, I’d protest, but I’m trying to never go against her “intuition”. It’s usually right. But not always. And that is what slows us down.

Another event that are looking forward is the visit to Nicosia on the 11th of July. Our nephrologist appointment is approaching. Maxim’s kidneys will be studied and we will finally know how serious the situation is.

These are all news for now. Let me go and celebrate some…

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