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Trying to sit

During the last few days Maxim is learning to sit. He is probably bored with the lay-on-your-back point of view and thus shows great interest towards things around him. He also likes to be independent – sit by himself, rather have someone show him around.

His back is way too weak to support his sitting properly, so we don’t let him sit too much. But he is trying always. Even when I try to lay him down, he pushes his head up, and tries to follow it with the rest of his body.

When everything else fails, he pulls himself up using his pacifier strap. Now that does look really hilarious!

Anyway, Maxim can sit for about a minute on his own, when his back rests on something. Like armchair back, or my belly. After that, he is usually losing balance and fall on one of his sides.

I guess, he’ll be sitting all by himself pretty soon now.

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