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New office workstation

My office workstation has finally arrived. It’s a Black Beauty with IBM being stamped all over it.

The case is a midtower, which looks slightly smaller than the rest of computers in our office. It features a nice design and easy access to the internals. No screws at all! I was waiting for this for some years now.

Inside the case are some Intel super-pooper-duper motherboard, Pentium IV 3.00 GHz CPU (5980 bogomips) with 1 MByte of L1 cache, 1 GByte of RAM, 80 GBytes hard disk, and DVD-RW drive.

On top of that, I’ve got a new monitor. Again, a black design of IBM ThinkVision C190 CRT monitor. It is bigger than any monitor I had before, although its just 19″. I guess I never had a big enough screen. At first I configured it to run 1600×1200@75Hz, but switched to 1280×1024@85Hz later.

Additionally, I’ve got a black IBM keyboard, with large Enter and Backpspace keys – the way I like them. Unfortunately, it has the Windows keys, which I don’t like at all. They are functional and everything, but I never use them and sometimes I hit them instead of Alts and Ctrls.

And I’ve got an IBM optical USB mouse too.

The specs are good and machine seems pretty fast. I’ll have to get used to DVD-RW and optical mouse though as these are two devices I never had before.

I have already installed Fedora Linux Core 3 on it with all the updates and stuff. I’ll spend the next couple of days restoring my stuff and getting used to this new animal. After that, I’m back at full speed again.

As a side note – I am yet again amazed as to how cheap computers are these days…

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