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9 weeks

Today marks the end of 9th week of Olga’s and my parenthood. Times slow starts moving again and hopefully will catch up in a few weeks or month.

Maxim is growing and developing at a speed of light. He’s learning so much every day that I don’t even attempt to blog it all. New sounds, new looks, new moves – we are clapping our hands about something cute in the morning, and by the afternoon we don’t notice it anymore, because he is doing it all the time and he has learned a bunch of new stuff already. I’m thinking about making a short movie showing all of his activities (or at least those that he would display during the shooting time). I just have to find the video camera (but I think I know where from I will find it :) ).

From the list of major milestones, today was the first time we used bast whisp (I am not sure this is the correct turm, but it was the only one suggested by the dictionary) to wash Maxim. He was hand washed before, but now he is one step more into the adult life. I think he didn’t mind it at all.

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