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More upgrades are coming. Downtimes.

Ok everyone, it has been a while since the blog was down. I have to do something about it. There are 2 items on my TODO list:

Originally, I was thinking to do them in these order. But I after realizing that I don’t have the CDs with images of Fedora Core 3 handy and that I’ll have to download and burn them, I decided to switch the order. So, I will start slowly with the upgrade of blog software and when ISOs will arrive I will proceed with the operating system upgrade.

Both of these will cause downtimes. Hopefully, blog software upgrade will result in a couple of short downtimes and some minor look and feel fixing with all the new styles, skins and plugins that they have.

Operating system upgrade will result in at least one major downtime of an hour or two. From what I have seen so far, there shouldn’t be any problems with software and configuration, but noone knows for sure.

Wish me luck and don’t remove the site from your bookmarks just yet. There will plenty of goodies to come back to.

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