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One of the good things that come out of having a DVD club as a neighboor is that a good relationship can be established between the club owner and its customers. It can be very educational both ways. People talk and thus learn more, open up their minds and broaden their horizons. The key here is both ways.

Today I asked Martin to give me something Chinese with lots of action and martial arts. He responded with “Azumi“. The name rang some bells in my mind but nothing to specific. Anyway, I’ve got a bit suspecios, because “Azumi” doesn’t sound like Chinese. It sounds like Japanese. But I didn’t say anything, because I wasn’t that sure anyway and Martin already saw the film.

Than I watched it. It is a nicely done traditional Japanese action. Unfortunately, I don’t like Japanese movies very much, but I enjoyed it non-the-less. Lots of blood, sword fights, and excellent photography. Light needs some work (with three or four shadows from the same person under a sun – its too much). Music sucked. It was too Western. American even. The story was pretty simple and straightforward, but don’t take my word on it, because I watched it in Japanese with Greek subtitles and these are two languages which I have yet to learn.

I’ll rate it as a 7 out of 10. If you like Japanese films, I am sure you’ll give it more.

Now that I am through with the movie, I will add a few points on HOWTO diffirentiate regular Chinese action from regular Japanese action.

Why did I write all of that? Because it is important to know that not all martial art movies are the same (I didn’t even touch the Americans now). People who like martial art movies usually like either Chinese or Japanese. I have yet to see someone who loves both equally. And although I can appreciate a good Japanese movie, I still prefer Chinese for the lightness and fun that they bring.

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