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Visit to Rosy’O’Gradys

Olga and I pasted by Rosy’O’Gradys today. We came around 22:00 and guys were playing already. My brother said that they actually started few minutes prior to our arrival. Somehow I knew it would be like that.

Anyway, guys played excellently although we stayed briefly. We’ve heard music from “Pulp Fiction” and “From Dusk Till Dawn”, nicely sensored version of “WTF is Alice?”, Venus and some other retro disco stuff and a couple of Russian songs. Nicely, nicely done, indeed.

Rosy’O’Gradys turned out to be a pretty expensive place. Although this time around there was a special ticket price of 1CYP, drinks were at their usual prices. Half pint bottle of Carlsberg is 3CYP and a glass of grapefruit juice is 2.50CYP. This is way too much. I mean, I am used to doubled and trippled prices in clubs, bars, and discos, but this place sounds like 10 times the real life price. Out of my league.

If you still want to go listen to some really good music and dance, fill free to go to Rosy’O’Gradys on Saturdays between 21:00 and midnight. Hopefully, they will play there for some time now.

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