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We bought a Christmas tree

Olga and I went shopping today and we bought a Christmas tree. It has been a while since I had a Christmas tree at home. All these years I am living in Cyprus I didn’t have one. But this year we decided to get one. It’s time.

It is not big by any means – 1.8 meters. Green. And fairy. It was packed in a nice carton box for easier transportation. Choosing one was interesting. We were in this huge mall and they had all sorts of trees there. From 30 centimeters to, I think, 3 or 4 meters high. Some were wight, some light green, some dark, green, yet some others were in mixed color. Some had lights integrated. Some had cones. Lots of trees of different sizes were put together in a bunch and looked like a small artificial forest. There was plenty of Christmas spirit and fun around.

Anyway, we didn’t set it up today for several reasons. First of all, Olga got tired and needed some rest. Secondly, it is still pretty early – Christmas is in one month. Thirdly, I’ve got a huge bunch of pelican cases with backup tapes, which occupy every inch of spare space. This is temporary and I will get rid of them soon.

When we will set it up, I’ll make pictures. Lots of them. Because this is somewhat important.

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