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Top Secret!

Watched “Top Secret!” finally from start to end on TV. It is pretty old – from 1984 it makes it 20 years old by now, but never managed to watch it in full until today.

This is a great parody on all sorts of Wolrd War II movies, spy movies, American rock-n-roll movies, westerns, dramatic romances, and the like. This film is packed with jokes. Some of them are on the foreground, but most of the fun is going on at behinds. One has to watch it closely. I was laughing practically non-stop and I would even more if my antenna wouldn’t behave like a young dog of Martin’s. :)

I’ll rate this movie as 8 out of 10 partially because I liked it so much, and partially to even out a low raint at IMDB. They don’t make comedies like this every day you know.

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