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Against the Ropes

One of the good sides of being sick is that you can lay on the sofa all day long and watch movies. Which is exactly what I intend to do for the next couple of days. Here goes the first one…

Against the Ropes” is your average “star desease” movie. This time it is around boxing and a white female (which is some sort of impossible in boxing world) manager of an unknown boxer. All goes as usual, unknown and underappreciated at first, than noticed, than on the pick, when all relationships go to hell, than appologies, and than happy ending. Nothing new.

The movie is just a little bit above average. Acting is average. Cast is average. Soundtrack is average. Boxing scenes are average. Everything is pretty average or slightly better.

6 out of 10, which came from 5.5 or somewhere around there. Whatch something else, if you have.

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