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Man on Fire

Olga and I went to the cinema today to watch “Man on Fire“. It turned out to be a much better movie than I expected.

The story was pretty predictable and unoriginal. Except maybe for a half happy ending. Anyway, the story is not the strongest side of this movie. The way it was told is. This film is not actually an action like it seemed it would be from the trailer, and like a billion of other movies based on the same story are. This film is actually a drama. And a good one.

The movie starts very slow. And it keeps very slow until about a little after middle. Than it gets really fast. And than it slows down towards the end again, now for a dramatic ending. This way setting it was very original and did make the movie seem deeper than it is.

There was a lot of good acting. Denzel Washington was the best choice for the main role. It is exactly his type of movie and his type of role. And he did it better than he did it ever before. Dakota Fanning, a young star, was also very good and feeling provocative. Everyone else were supportive but nobody I can pick out with excellence.

Summary: the movie is a strong 8 out 10. I’ll watch it again after some time.

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