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There is a saying that goes something like: all new is just forgotten old. Sometimes it is very useful to go through old news and refresh your memory. There are things which were not important before but are now. There are things that you skipped accidentally. There are things that passed the edge of your memory.

I’ve mentioned MIT OpenCourseWare, I think, to everyone I know. Moreover, I did it several times. For those who still don’t what I am talking about – MIT OpenCourseWare is an effort of Massachusetts Institute of Technology to make all its study materials available for the general public free of charge and in open formats. They have started with this program several years ago and they are following the plan until now.

Here is a quote for you from their recent mailing.

How Big is the MIT OCW Web Site?

The MIT OCW Web site now offers free and open access to 914 courses, ranging from 33 academic disciplines and all five of MIT schools — Architecture and Planning,Engineering, Science, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, and the Sloan School of Management. With more than 900 courses available, users frequently ask, “Just how much educational content is really available on the MIT OCW Web site?”

MIT OCW is a content-rich Web site that is 48 gigabytes in size; offering courses that contain 14,717 HTML pages, 15,640 unique PDF documents, and 16,078 images — overall 55,171 total files for use by MIT’s global audience. All of this is made available through the generosity of 536 MIT faculty, with many more signed on for future publication cycles.

Worth checking out – don’t you think?

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