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Picture of the day

I guess you must be pretty tired of sunrises, sunsets and ships at sea. Well, if you aren’t – I am. I started the day with photographing yet another ship in the sea, but decided that it is enough and I should no more. At least for now.

Quick trip down to cafeteria and snack machine provided me with two bars of Snickers chocolate, which turned out to be a couple of lovely subjects. Decorating these was really easy – just put both of them on a piece of white paper from the printer. Set is ready. Now I wish I had a number of different lights with different output power and colors. But I hadn’t. So I played with opening and closing the windows, turning the office light on and off, and using on-camera flash. I guess it worked. I made about 20 shots out of which I have selected three. All three were slightly touched in Gimp. And here they are – the results.

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