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Yet another Nucleus upgrade bug squashed

One of the most annoying bugs left from those upgrades of NucleusCMS that I did, was the double-slash (//) formation in URLs sometimes. I noticed that it was appearing when using ‘Add comment’ link. Apache though doesn’t care and works fine, so I left these as they were until today. The annoyance of the bug was that if I wanted to copy and paste the URL to the full post, I had to clean it up every time.

Today I got bored and pissed off about this problem and quickly found a solution to it. Apparently, it was discussed in NucleusCMS forums in this thread. All I had to do was to make this line from index.php:

$CONF['Self'] = './';

to look like this:

$CONF['Self'] = '/blog';

Those of you who had problems with posting comments should be now totally satisfied. Search engines should also start indexing better, since there will be no more ambigues URLs. Me, well done.

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