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The Gift

Yet another just above average movie was on TV today – “The Gift“. It is a movie that seems to want to please everyone: crime lovers, detectives, adrenaline junkies, celebrity fans, and some more. The story is simple as in any horror movie, but the way they show it, like in detective investigation slowly unfolding films, makes it slightly more enjoyable. Dead bodies and creepy moments were minimized to allow kids to watch most of the film.

All the acting was pretty usual. Keanu Reeves was as emotionless as ever. Cate Blanchett was as unloved and lonely as usual. Giovanni Ribisi played yet another mentally confused kid. While Greg Kinnear was as pathetic loser as he can usually get. No surprises here.

6 out of 10. Watch it on TV next time. Don’t spend your pound to rent it though.

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