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Scanned pictures from trip to Malta

Malta buses.  Postcard.

Since I now have a scanner, I decided to wait no longer and start practicing my mad scanning skills. I jumped into a heap of photo albums that Olga and I gathered over the years and discovered that we actually have a few pictures from the trip to Malta. We lost our camera that time and I thought that all the pictures were gone. Surprise, surprise, the camera was lost with a new film. Not only we have a bunch of pictures (not very aesthetic though), but we also have a few postcards that we bought there.

I took all of these pieces of paper and scanned them at once. It took me about 2 or 3 hours, but I don’t have the experience yet. It was getting faster towards the end. The scans are OK, but I will read more about the process and hopefully it will get even better.

The resulting photo album is here (about 50 images). Stay tuned for more graphical documents from my crazy past.

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