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Shrek 2

We went to see “Shrek 2” today in the cinema. I have been expecting it for some time now and finally I managed to see it.

When someone tells you that there are two news for you – one good and one bad – which one do you prefer to start with? I’ll start with the good one. Technically this animation is much more advanced than the first part. Emotions are much stronger and they are much more human. Magic stuff looks really magic. Few things are really done unbelievably good – like that kitten’s look.

Now for the bad part. Aethetically this part is much worse than the previous one. The story behind it is simple and boring. Jokes per minute rate is lower. Humor is rather straightforward instead of neat laughts of the first part. Musical accompaniment is much much worse.

Overall, I’ll rate this part as a weak 7 out of 10. Very weak. It is more like 6.5 or 6.6. You can see it at home saving some bucks on the cinema.

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