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Spider-Man 2

Olga and I just came back from the movies where we saw “Spider-Man 2“. If you missed the hype and still planning to see it – don’t. There is nothing to it. All action from the movie you can get from the trailer. The story too. The rest of two hours was a bad soap opera. Not Mexican or Brasilian – those guys know how to make good soap operas. This one was bad.

Half of the film shows problematic life of Spider-Man where the guy has to live two lives – of Spider-Man and Peter Parker. No surprise his performance is poor in both of them. Then everything goes nuts for him – lost job, lost girlfriend, blah blah blah… Then he decides not to be a Spider-Man, but just Peter Parker. That doesn’t work out too well too. So he turns back into Spider-Man and everything is OK now. That’s it. On the background, so that everyone does wake up once in a while, there is a good guy, a professor, who was turned bad by the evil mechanical hands on his back with artificial intelligence. He is trying to build something the whole film, but fails and kills himself in the end. Boring.

In the end, you are given a clear idea that there will be a third part to this film. Another sequel. There is nothing left to show, but it will come anyway. Too bad. I think I’ll pass.

IMDB rating is going absolutely crazy about this film. I’ll go vote for 3 out 10. And I have a feeling I’m giving too much. Yuck.

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