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Today I went to see “Hidalgo” in the cinema. The movie leaves a good feeling after you’ve seen it, but it is not particularly capturing while you are at it.

Firstly, there was a lot of “foreign talk”. I mean there were few people talking arabic, some indian dialect and maybe some other language. The only subtitles available were greek, so I don’t know if there were any english ones originally. Some of these talks were a bit longish without much point. That leaves you at the stage of trying to entertain yourself for awhile. Secondly, the movie is rather shallow. The story is simple. So is the acting. There are no special effects (or maybe just a few), and the film lacks action. It’s also rather long – 3 hours with no break.

The good feeling that it leaves in you (or at least in me) might be built upon few nice scenery shots and animal care throughout the film. If these don’t touch you, then you probably should skip it alltogether. :)

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