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The Third Wheel

Feeling the need for entertainment, I’ve watched “The Third Wheel” on DVD. Apparetenly, I’ve already seen this film, but totally forgot about it. And I was right. There is nothing so special to remember about it. This is the typical attempt of a comedy about the guy who has problems with his social skills, but who wants to have a date with the most pretty woman in the office. The whole thing is rather regular. Collegues make bets, there is another third guy (wheel) who helps with the date, and a totally happy ending in the, well, end. This is one of the thousands similar movies. Get something else.

There are few celebrities in this movie though, so if you a collector, then you should check it out. Main characters are played by Luke Wilson, Ben Affleck, and Denise Richards. There is also a small part played by Matt Damon, who is by the way the executive producer of this “masterpiece”. There are few more familiar faces, but I don’t bother to remember or to look them up. :)

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