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Backup software

Being a system administrator part of my job deals with backing up and restoring things. In order to find the best tool for the job, I’ve played with a number of solutions. Here is a list of programs that I remember together with some pros and cons for each one.

There were also a number of solutions that I haven’t try due to a price tag attached. Such as few Veritas products. On the other hand, there are few programs that I haven’t tried because I didn’t have time yet or because I only recently learned of them. One of these is Bacula.

Bacula web site lists an interesting set of features, that are comparable with the Amanda solution that I use now. Particlarly interesting is support for Microsoft Windows hosts, since I have few of these to backup too. I’ve searched the web for someone’s impressions, but was not very successful. I guess I’ll have to find time in the near future to play with Bacula.

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