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Trip to Trodos

Saturday – the adventure day. Today we went to mountains to see Troditissia monastery and have a meal at Fini tavern. Mountains met us with a heavy snowfall. Flakes were so huge that everyone demanded that we stop and photograph them. :)
The road to the monastery was slippery and dangerous due to a deadly mix of bad tarmac, mud, gravel, water, and snow. Max speed was like 20 km/h. :)
The monastery looked nice on the outside, but tourists (read: we) were not allowed inside. Maybe it’s just a wrong season. Whatever…
Fini tavern and steak “Shato Brean” was excellent as usual. :) Wine was also good. Short walk around Fini village after the meal and a failed attempt to find a trail to Handara waterfalls.
On the way back to Limassol we stopped at Kouris dam. Loads of water! Actually we saw a small church standing in the middle of the water. That’s a real photo opportunity that I tried to exploit as much as I could. The results are here.
In the evening, I went to housewarming party at Alex Yudichev’s place. Lots of people, beer, and talks. Nice time overall. :)

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