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Finally, I’ve published all the recent photos. Some processing is still due, but the stuff you can see in the Photos section is as good as it will ever be. :)

Chesters Bar in the evening. When we were driving back, I’ve managed to find a biggest hole in the road and jumped in there with my front right wheel. Needless to say, the tire was gone. Luckily, I though, I knew one 24×7 tire shop, so me and Lev changed for the spare and I drove to the place. It was close. There was a mobile number on the sign, but it was not answering too. Too bad. Anyway, I can handle one day on the spare. :)

Finally, we ended up at Hazard’s place and watched one of the Olga’s presents – “Indiana Jones” movie. Actually she has all three of them from the boxed edition, but we could stay with one. :)

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