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Yet another Saturday

Yet another crazy Saturday. For regular visitors (if there are any except for me and Google), it’s not a secret that Saturday is the day when all the action takes place – we wake up early, go somewhere, do somewhitng, eat something, drink something, come back somewhere, watch something, and then go home. For the same regulars it’s not a secret any more that when I say “we” on Saturday I actually mean Lev, Hazard, Olga, and myself. :)

Well, today (Saturday) was no exception from the predefined plan for any other Saturday. We woke up early and went to the beach. This time we decided to visit Governor’s Beach which is about 30 kilometers away from Limassol. Don’t ask me though what does it have to do with government or governors – I don’t have any clue. :) Anyway, the trip was fast and smooth with (very luckily as you will see below) Hazard driving. The beach itself turned out to be a piece of sand and warm laky water covered with people…too much people. So, we decided that those beautiful places that one could see from the spot were not that far away and could be less crowded with people.

Off we go for a half an hour off-road drive with me and Lev regularly jumping out of the car to investigate the way, so that Hazard could keep all his 4 wheels attached to the car. ;) Splendid nature, spectacular views, lots of pictures made to prove the point. Anyway, we almost found an excellent spot to tune in, but then I notice few popel down below on the beach. I though, well, OK, if we are not gonna stay here, I could just make a picture just in case. So, while Hazard’s camera boots and focuses I cann’t help noticing all people below to be mostly naked and kissing… and men!!! Well, we’ve got ourselves to a nice and cute gay nude beach – that’s one place where three of us didn’t want to spend a nice Saturday evening (apart from Olga of course). :)

So the journey continued until we found a perfect spot of huge white stony staff, which looked kind of white lava, going into water. Aparently, it turned to be a bit hard to get into water with stones and plants all over the place, but managed that very fine. Even twice. Good. Again, a bunch of pictures was taken.

Off-road kind of drive back with Hazard doing miracles on the road, throwing fontains of dust into the air, crouching off the edgy stones and sliding right into deep caves, we are back to Governor’s beach civilization. Considering the dehidration experienced by most members of the crew we decide to stop for a pint of beer and a piece of meat.

Trip back Limassol now was much faster and much more comfortable then it could have been. :) We go for a quick shower at my place, then back to Hazard to watch a movie. Now, before we reach a movie, an interesting argument arises about the Matrix movie. It seems that both Olga and myself were percieving the Matrix a bit differently from what it was. We, both, thought that all of the people, who “reentered” the Matrix could see only as a source code in green, which automatically was converted to nice pictures by the their minds. The amount of code made those people wear glasses all the time, so that they look kind of cool and have the reality a bit blured. Lev and Hazard were convincing enough to prove the point that we were wrong, but it’s kind of difficult to change this after such a long time. I still think that did see the code, cause it makes me thing of the Matrix a bit better, then I would have done otherwise. Anyway, enough with boring staff. :)

The movie we’ve got to see today was the Takedown, also known as “Hackers 2”. First of all, it has nothing to do with the original “Hackers”. It’s a different story, different actors and different everything. The story is about Kevin Mitnick and is kind of based on a true story. One of the books that I am currently reading plus the good coverage of the original story in the Internet do make me believe that the movie is based on a true story. It’s kind of nice to see for a guy involved with computers as I am, but I don’t know how interesting it would be for a “regular Joe”. It might even be fun for him too. :)

After the movie we went of course for a quick meal of “St.Hot Dog”, which is nothing more then a normal hot dog with a coke eaten out on a beach. Simultaneously we have a civilized kind of discussion going about cars. So we talk, then argue, then shout (ok, maybe it was just me overstating that BMW X5 won’t get you absolutely everywhere, but anyway. Anyway, somehow I manage to get everyone to agree on their topic without me participating in the discussion (buying hot dogs) and Olga terrible pissed at me. At the moment I am still in the “I’m not talking to you” status, and but I am working on it, so stay tuned. :)

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