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Random bits

Slow day at work. People are walking around, since most bosses are missing for some reason. Lots of talking. Everyone is waiting for a long weekend (dut to Monday being the Whit Monday).

Oh, and that’s the “Friday the 13th” today. It’s also a full moon.

In the evening, I came home to discover that my neighboor from downstairs though it would be a good idea to make barbeque right outside his door. I guess that all flats in the building were full of smoke, but mine was on the top of the list due to it’s location. Who cares? I am not going to spend Friday night sitting home and watching TV anyway.

Off to the movies to see “Anger Management” with Lev and Olga.

Anyway, after the movie, Olga felt like going home, so she did, and Lev and I went for a couple of pints with golden tequilla to Chesters Bar. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the kitchen was already closed and we didn’t have a chance to try (for the hundred and first time) those excellent Buffalo wings. That couldn’t spoil the evening though.

Back home at around 2:30am and off to bed for some weekend sleep.

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