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I am back to Afterstep. While I’ve found KDE to be very usable and powerfull, my fingers are trained for Afterstep. I will still use KDE at home though, where I am not pressured with time.

While I was testing KDE this time, I have found khelpcenter (Help icon in the main menu) to be extremely useful. It does a good job integrating KDE specific documentation with the rest of manuals, info pages, etc installed on the system. Yeah, info pages in particular.

I am thinking about a small project which will incorporate many of my small notes. What I have in mind is to create a new user on one of my hosts and generate step-by-step complete home environmnent starting from the shell prompt, vim, mutt, procmail, simple scripts that make everyday life easier and ending with… Well, not ending actually. Some Bash prompt tips will come handy later on.

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