The War of the Worlds

There are some things that I would like to do and nothing in particular stops me from doing them, but I still don’t do them for some metaphoric reasons, which aren’t even good enough to blog about. One example of the thing that I wanted to do was to listen to the original “The War of the Worlds” radio show. I could have downloaded the mp3 at any moment and listen to it, but something was stopping me.

Today I finally did it though. “The War of the Worlds” mp3 was tossed into a bunch of other stuff that I was getting for my growing podcast hunger, and so it ended up on my phone and as a next item in the playlist.

By the way, if you don’t have a slightest idea of what I am talking about, you should probably read “The War of the Worlds (radio)” Wikipedia entry. If you want to listen to the show yourself, then you can get it from The Mercury Theatre on the Air website. If you have a feeling that the title sounds familiar, but somehow doesn’t fit the content, then you are probably thinking about the “The War of the Worlds” movie, which I’ve also seen some time ago and reviewed in this post.

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Maybe aliens aren’t that bad afterall

I’ve just realized that neither Olga, nor I did anything to protect Maxim from aliens. Nothing. Nada. None. Some parents that I consider a good example, use tin foil all over the place.

I put tin foil in Leta’s windows when she turned four months old to keep the aliens out. Something kept waking her up every two hours and I figured it was either the ambient light or the aliens, and I knew that tin foil would take care of both. During the winter it also kept out the snow elves so I never took it down.

Thinking about why we didn’t protect Maxim from aliens, I came to the conclusion that neither Olga, nor I are paranoid enough. While there is plenty of evidence that aliens are evil, I still have my doubts.

Just maybe aliens are good. And just maybe they understand the tough job of parenting. And just maybe they use their rays on children’s brains to modify their behavioral patterns. And just maybe protecting kids from those rays might make the parenting job a bit harder.

We made the thirty second journey through the parking lot to the store without any birds entering her radar and falling thirty feet to their death. But the moment we set foot in the store her body went limp with anger and like a fresh fish just pulled out of a lake she almost slipped her way out of the stroller. I tried holding her but she turned herself upside down and I almost dropped her on her head. At one point I was holding her body sideways, her armpits in my left hand, her feet in my right hand, and she was trying so violently to free herself that I looked like I was being electrocuted.

It’s been eight and the half month of Maxim’s alien unprotected life. I don’t think that he went unnoticed in their council. So they have probably affected his brains with their rays. But nothing bad came out of it yet. So I’m willing to take my chances.

Partial solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse

I’m not very much interested in astronomy and movement of spacial bodies, but when something major goes on I jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the show. Today I watched the partial show eclipse that happened around 13:00 and that I would have missed if it wasn’t for the guys in the office who went semi-insane about it.

In compliance with Murphy’s Law I didn’t have my camera with me and couldn’t make that authentic picture that you see above. But talking about solar eclipse without showing a picture is like eating French fries without ketchup, so I had to cheat. I draw the picture in Gimp and in my opinion it represents what I saw fairly good.

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Today’s day at work had some action in it. Management decided that it’s time we test our responses to natural disasters and staff like fire alarms. So, at approximately 11:15 in the morning all fire alarms went off and people moved in slow, highly organized manner downstairs, using fire exits , out of the building, where they all met up in the field under the frying sun. :) It was speculated that everything went good. :)

In the evening we decided that missing Mars to Earth shortest distance in the last 60,000 years was a bad thing. So we gathered at Kanguin’s place to watch Mars with the telescope that he bought for children long time ago. Needless to say, that Mars was not the main theme during the evening. Tequilla and Kanguin’s cooking skills were. :) Anyway, next time Mars is coming in about 200 years, so I’ll reserve some space in my schedule around that time. :)