Real-time face detection and emotion/gender classification

I came across this interesting Python tool that helps with real-time face detection and emotion and gender classification.  Here is a more complete brief description from the project page:

Real-time face detection and emotion/gender classification using fer2013/IMDB datasets with a keras CNN model and openCV.

  • IMDB gender classification test accuracy: 96%.
  • fer2013 emotion classification test accuracy: 66%.

Happy birthday, IMDb!


According to Wikipedia, Internet Movie Database, or IMDb, as we know it, has turned 25 years old (launched on October 17, 1990).  What an achievement!  There aren’t that many websites around that are that old and still that useful.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Birthday to everyone who was involved with the site during all this years.  Thank you!

I hope one day we’ll overcome all those copyright restrictions and it’ll be possible to watch movies and TV series directly on the site, much like the trailers are now.

IMDb 500 error page

I’ve been using IMDb for years now, and I don’t remember the site ever being down, broken or inaccessible. Today, however, for the first time ever I’ve seen IMDb’s 500 error page.  Here is how it looks:

imdb 500 error

The front page still works – probably available from cache or something – but any movie page that I am trying to access throws the error 500, which is an internal server issue.  Hopefully, it’ll be fixed soon.

What is an IMDb Check In?

Today I noticed something that I don’t remember seeing before – IMDb movie pages now have a “Check In” button.  When clicked, a tiny form for comment is coming up, which also features some sort of sharing to Facebook.  The functionality is marked as beta, so I’m not sure who else can see it, how well it works, and what are the purposes of it at all.  Here are two screenshots – one of the button itself and another of the form which pops up when the button is clicked.

Do any of you guys see these?  Any idea what’s that and what is it for?  Have you seen any IMDb announcements about the feature or any blog posts in relation to this?

More voting at IMDB

I was wondering around IMDb and noticed that my voting history was rather small. I checked it for a few movies and realized that a lot of stuff that I’ve seen isn’t there. Not that they lost something. It’s just I never voted in the first place. Some movies I saw before I knew what IMDB was. Others were even before I knew what Internet was. Yet others I saw recently, but forgot to vote. Or just didn’t care much.

So, I opened profiles of a few famous actors, and voted for those films that I remember seeing. I checked blog archives for all of them, and some were even mentioned. That made the whole thing easier.

Anyway, I have voted on about 50 films. My current total is 436. There’s still plenty of stuff missing, but I’ll find it eventually.

I have also noticed that IMDB now allows sharing of Voting History, so I made mine public and you can check it out here (you still have to be registered and logged in to view).

Generating ultimate movie wishlist with Perl and IMDB

One of the things that will go into history with the year 2005 is the number of bad movies produced by Hollywood. IMDB says:

Hollywood is mired in its biggest box-office slump in over 20 years.

With all those bad movies around, finding something worth the time and effort becomes increasing difficult. Luckily, there are these two things that can make our lives easier – IMDB and Perl.

Combining the two all sorts of interesting things can be achieved. Particularly, an ultimate movie wishlist can be generated.

If you are here just for the script, than here is the If you want just the result, than here is wishlist.html. Otherwise read on for the explanations on how it works and how you can make it better.

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Happy Birthday, IMDB!

Internet Movie DataBase, wider known simply as IMDB, celebrates it’s 15th birthday! In this age of computers and information technologies, 15 years is a truly remarkable time span. In fact, they started from the pre-Web era, using Usenet groups and mailing lists as the distribution medium.

IMDb presents a special 15th Anniversary feature. There is an IMDB history, as well as an excellent timeline that shows how IMDB was growing and provides the means to relate to what was happening on the movie arena.

I would like to join all those thousands of people who congratulate IMDb on its success and its useful service that they provide free of charge. I would like to wish them another eternity of years to come and more people to contribute to the project. Thank a bunch you guys. Keep it up!

On fame

Here is something for you to think over.

Al Pacino has 42 movies listed in his filmography at IMDB. These include filmed, filming, announced, pre- and post-production. Robert De Niro has 70. Sean Connery has 78. Anthony Hopkins has 98.

I’m sure you can easily remember a movie or two with any one of these guys.

And you probably have never heard of Ron Jeremy. And even his face looks very unfamiliar to you. Nevermind the fact that his filmography lists 918 movies. In most of these he played had one of the main roles.

Who is he you’re wondering? Well, he is number one American porn star. Or so they say…

Voting anniversary

I’ve just noticed that in my voting history at IMDb I have exactly 300 movies. Not so bad for a couple of years, if you ask me. In fact, I’ve watched a bit more than 300 movies technically. Some of the movies aren’t at IMDB, some I’ve seen but didn’t remember the title or didn’t vote at all, and some I’ve watched more than once.

Anyway, 300 is a round number. And it is a big one too. So I thought I’d post about it and acknoledge the fact.