HTML Canvas Tutorial put together this HTML Canvas Tutorial, which covers the HTML 5 <canvas> functionality, that allows web developers to draw all sorts of graphics on the fly, using JavaScript.  The tutorial is available for download in PNG and PDF formats, as well as on the webpage, and it covers the following:

  • Shapes
  • Styles and color
  • Text
  • Images
  • Transformations
  • Compositing and clipping
  • Animation
  • Pixel manipulation
  • Hit regions and accessibility

It also provides a few useful tips, inspiration, and links to other resources.

Is INPUT tag valid when used outside of a FORM tag?

Here is an update from the “learn something new every day” department – using <input> tag outside of (or, in other words, without) <form> tag is perfectly valid.  It’s valid in the newest HTML5 spec, and it was valid with earlier versions of HTML and XHTML too.

Interesting, that today was the first time I came across this, after doing HTML for almost 20 years. – a local cache of searchable documentation – a local cache of searchable documentation

I’ve heard about this project for a while now, but tried it only today.  This blog post left me no options.  And I’m glad.  Because DevDocs are absolutely awesome!

Echo – lazy-loading HTML5 images with data-* attributes via JavaScript

Echo  is quite handy for web developers.  On those pages that feature a lot of images, things can get slow and the server might get too much of an abuse (with more traffic thrown at it).  One way to work around this is to only load those images that are in the visible part of the screen.  Here is a demo of how it works.  Just keep scrolling down and notice how by default you have a blank.gif image shown, with a standard loading indicator and a split second later you see the actual image which was supposed to be in there.

Simple, easy, elegant – and that’s how I like it.

Going the SPA way

Going the SPA way

Andrei describes his experience building an SPA (Single Page Application) for mobile, using AngularJS framework and then some.

About 2 months ago I read/watched via RSS one article written by Dan Wahlin called Video Tutorial: AngularJS Fundamentals in 60-ish Minutes. This is without any doubt the best 70 minutes I’ve spent on YouTube in a long long time.