An Analysis of Foursquare’s Popularity After Removing Check-Ins

Junkyard Sam runs a quick “Analysis of Foursquare’s Popularity After Removing Check-Ins“.  Very well pointed out.  The split of Foursquare with Swarm was a mistake.  As a constant user of the app I felt bad about it.  I still use Swarm occasionally.  And I can’t remember the last time I loaded Foursquare.  I wish they’d merge them back together.  That was fun.


Foursquare’s adorable puppy

One thing I like about people who love what they do is that they usually don’t take themselves too seriously.  They can smile and joke about the things they passionately love.  Today I came across an example from Foursquare.  In the Settings screen about the notifications that Foursquare sends to you, there is an option to “Also include an adorable picture of a puppy in my weekly update“.  Here is a screenshot in case this will disappear with time.

Foursquare releases version 3

Foursquare – an awesome location services that I use way more than I should – announces the release of Version 3.  They have a lengthy blog post explaining their reasons, goals, and changes.  And I have to say that it’s exciting.  I was slightly worried that they might give up given the Google Latitude check-ins competition, but apparently they are not.  Good for them!  Anyways, my phone still runs Android 2.1, so the newer Latitude is not available to me.  But the new Foursquare is.  And there is plenty of new fun, including leaderboards and Explore.