Solid food

Yesterday, when I wrote about Maxim’s first food I of course meant his first solid food. It’s just that I didn’t know that solid food is called solid food in English. The direct translation from Russian is “solid” indeed, but when I was writing the post, I wasn’t sure that I could the word “solid” to describe food. And I was too lazy to check in the dictionary. Today, when I was replying to a comment for that post, I noticed the Google Adsense banner which was promoting some “solid food” website. I checked the site, double checked in the dictionary, and it was indeed – “solid” food.

Either I am being too smart or too stupid. I don’t know.

P.S.: Maxim seems to really enjoy his new diet.

First food

First food

We didn’t go to the Jumbo today, but it didn’t stop us from feeding Maxim. He seemed to like it although he was very confused about all the fuzz. And the spoon thingy… He was trying to suck the food off it, like it was a bottle or something. The whole thing seemed like fun and only fun, until we realized that Maxim was actually eating the food. He had at most three spoons, but he ate a lot less breast milk afterwords. I just hope that he will digest it nicely, otherwise he might not eat it again. Whatever. So far so good.

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Pediatrician yet again

Today we took Maxim for his yet another pediatrician check. Everything seems fine with him. He gained about 400 grams in weight during the last month and now weights 7750 grams. He is 67 centimeters long too. These measurements show that his development is normal.

Also one additional ultrasound examination was made to check upon his internals. Nothing bad came up, except, of course, for his lowered kidney, which we will examine in more detail next month.

Dr.Simos gave us a small lecture on how to feed Maxim foods other than breast milk. He gave us a few different favours to try (promotional material).

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