Block unwanted advertisements with /etc/hosts file on Linux

Back in the old days, before the browsers even had extensions like Adblock Plus, many of us – tech-savvy web surfers – used to block unwanted advertising, SPAM sites, and other non-sense using the /etc/hosts file.  The technology behind is very simple – you overwrite the IP address to which the unwanted website’s domain name resolves with a loopback IP address (  Whether you do it on your own machine or at a home/office proxy server is irrelevant.  And it worked magic!

Turns out, people still use this technique today.   I came across this article, which shows how to use a rather extensive list of domains for all sorts of online madness, collected and maintained by kind folks at

I tried it out of pure curiosity and sure enough it does what it says.  I’ve reverted back to Adblock Plus a couple of days later though, as random sites were breaking here and there.  I think this might be related to different adblock-detectors that many sites employ these days.  Also, some of the ads use things like embedded scripts or buttons, which might render JavaScript errors, preventing the rest of the page from loading.

But if you’ve never tried it, I strongly recommend giving it a go.

Hello Beer!

Beer ads are the funniest of all the ads.  Here’s a fresh collection of short Carlton ads that I came across over at

These reminded me of the one I saw years ago:

Which through me into a trip along the memory line and a whole lot of Budweiser Wazzup videos:

Which .. ah, what the heck.  Here is my most favorite beer ad of all times:

Now I need a beer!

Ad fail : Ukrainian beauties

Maybe it was the 3am, maybe I’ve been watching comedy videos for too long, or maybe it’s genuinely funny – I’ll never know for sure.  But it made me smile.  While watching Andi Oslo stand-up comedy improvisation, I saw this ad popped up:

ukrainian beauties

Chuck Norris is still The Man!

A few weeks ago, one of the Volvo trucks’ ads went viral.  It was the Jean Claud Van Damme split video which now has more than 60,000,000 views and numerous parodies.  Here it is:


Nicely done indeed, but the Internet knows that no matter how cool you are, Chuck Norris is The Man.  No matter what you do, he beat you down with your own coolness, and make understand how small, unimportant, and irrelevant you are.  And the above video was clearly a challenge.  True fans never doubted Chuck Norris for a second though.  And now, The Man delivers the answer in the form of this video:


Truly epic!  Move along Jean Claud, join the army of those who tried and miserably failed.  Chuck Norris is still The Man!

P.S.: If you don’t know why Chuck Norris is so cool, check these top 50 facts about him.  There are more on the same website.