New fridge arrived. No pictures yet. :)

Trip to the mountains in hope of finding and visiting Gabriella’s Check restaurant. We found it, but unfortunately it was closed and we were hungry enough to wait until it would open in about 4 hours. Fast trip to Kakopetria village for the Old Mill restaurant. Everyone enjoyed it. I did less of all, I suppose. I defaulted to eating pork chop which was way overdone, dry, and crispy.

Hazard had to depart from our company due to some unknown business of his own. We, though, continued the day with shopping, staffing the new fridge, defrosting the old one. Lots of beer, whisky, and talking.

Then we decided to watch “A Beautiful Mind“. The greates dissapointment came when we found out that the DivX we had was only one out of two. The guy who did the ripping didn’t noticed it and put no marking upon it. So, not to get completely depressed, we signed it off as watching a long trailer. :) I’ll rent the DVDs tomorrow and we’ll watch the whole thing. It’s worth it. Olga and me have seen it in the movie long time ago.

A somewhat interesting discussion of Japanese and Chinese cultures followed which culminated by watching Jet Li’s Tai ji zhang san feng” (aka “The Tai-Chi Master”). Olga couldn’t stand the idea, so she went to bed. Lev and me though enjoyed the movie, which was way better then we expected. Actually, we didn’t mean to see the whole thing, but rather a five minute fight or something. :)

Gave Lev a lift home, picked up a hot dog on the way and went to bed. Holidays are over. :)


Discovery day. We started of with the visit to the new beach, which Hazard read about in the Internet. It was kind of OK, but the water was freezing. Noone agreed with me on this though, so it might have been something wrong with me. :)

In the evening we decided to find a new food point. Limassol eating and drinking guide suggested a couple of places. Italian restaurant in Akrotiri was all booked and they couldn’t find a talbe earlier then in one hour. Taurus steak ang grill house looked and smelled ugly, so we decided not to stay there for more then two minutes. Some more driving around and we end up in “Old Vienne” restaraunt. Overall it was OK. Mussles were kind of nice. Grilled mushrooms were ugly since they were in bread crunches which dried them out. Meat was no good too, and I suspect again because of the crunches. It was also a bit crowded which explains the slow service.


Today is a real holiday, but for some reason, Hazard and I took one shift in NOC each. Guess we are tired of resting. :)

Hazard also managed to publish the Nissi Beach pictures, so I’ve downloaded them and somewhat annotated them, but the mood was wrong, so I might change the annotations in the near future.

Watched the “Requiem for a Dream“. The topic of drugs is not new to me, but I was deeply moved by the movie. Excellent piece of work.

Random bits

Kind of a sleepy day. Olga couldn’t move out of the flat. I was barely walking so I picked up sleepy Lev and went to Hazard to wake him up. There was no mood for much driving around, so we stayed home and watched “Life of Brian” (Monty Python’s). It was kind of funny, but not as much as was expected. And it seemed like I’ve seen it some time before. Anyway, since we missed some fun, we watched the “Holy Grail” thing once again. For some strange reason it was not as funny as yesterday, but still we had some nice ones.

Off to sleep some more.

Random bits

Lots of sleep. Then picked up Lev and went to the brewery. Hazard was for some disasterous reason in the office, so he joined in later. Brewery is getting worse day by day. Lager was still missing, so we had to enjoy pilsner. Spring rolls were kind of nice, but they were served with a spoiled “Uncle Ben’s” sauce.

Off to Hazard’s place to watch “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” which was hilarous. My back hurted from lauphing. Lev was even crying I beleive. :)

Fridge hunting and random bits

Since I spent the night in the NOC, most of the day was up to my disposal. Of course, until the evening, when I had to get my butt back to NOC.

First few hours after awakening were devoted to moving around the town trying to make a picture of what shops and offices are already closed, which will close in the next few hours, and which will close in the next few days. It’s holiday seasons, so most of it was either closed or preparing to get closed.

Since we (me and Olga) were already moving around the city, we decided to do something useful. Like buying a fridge. :) Apparently, all midium sized fridges were sold out to other normal families who would need them. Shops were left with small to extra small sized fridges for children and bachelor students and large to extra large fridges for, I suspect, families of no less then 40 people. Seriously. I could fit three times in one of those fridges, and I no small guy. :) Anyway, we wondered around and did some research. Finally, we set on a silver colored midium (rare size) Hitachi. I don’t have a picture at the moment, but here is something that looks similar (although I am not sure about the size of this one, and the color is totally different). Since there are all these holidays around, it will get delivered only next week. But, we can survive. Oh, and if you are interested, it totals to 260 CYP.

Back to NOC where I do another round of coding. And that reminds me that I haven’t mentioned any of the perl modules that I was using recently and liked in particular, since the time of Class::DBI. Well, here is a nice and easy HTML::FromText for you, which makes it easy staff like text to HTML convertion. Soon enough, I’ll have it in the new version of this site too and you’ll be able to enjoy better formatted posts.

Trip to Nissi beach, Agia Napa

Saturday aka trip day again. This time we are off to Agia Napa. Cyan sea, white sandy beach, lots of bars and restaraunts. That’s about all there is in Agia Napa. Anyway. We went to Nissi beach, which is behind, guess what, a Nissi Beach Hotel. :) Some food in the beach restaraunt to wait for the sun to go a bit down. A pint, of course.

The sand is something. The view is magnificant, but the water is full of some green shit, which is probably because of the tourists dumping all sorts of crap into the water. And the water was hot. Not warm, not chealing, but hot.

After couple of hours on the beach, we went for another pint to the only nice place that we all know in Agia Napa – Jasmine. It’s a huge pub with food and drinks and nice design. It looks like you are sitting in the huge tree. Refreshing, after Limassol pubs.

Trip back home with original plan to watch a movie, but noone is in the mood, so we play a game of poker at my place. Olga won. I took the second place and Hazard did the third. Lev was outta game with way too much bluffing. :) And showing his cards.

That’s about it. As usual, waiting for Hazard to put out the pictures.


In the afternoon, I’ve met with Lev for a pint and some beer shopping. Not much action anyway. In the evening though, Hazard came, we picked up Lev and went to Bavarian which is a German delikatessen shop with few tables to serve those delicatesses and beer. Service was awful though. But food and beer were very nice. We had an excellent time with Hazard being a guest star comic. :) Then we picked up Olga and went to Hazard’s place to watch a movie. “Fargo” this time. Supposedely a good movie. Everyone liked it. I liked the first 1/3 or even 1/4, but then could help myself off falling asleep. Now, I don’t mind when it happens while watching something boring, but when there is a good film screening – that’s becoming a problem. Maybe I need more sleep. :)